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Please print this page for future reference!

Please note that this is a tutorial and not an exam. Passing depends on your good faith participation. You may start and stop this program as often as you like (see below, Re-Entry into Program). It is not computer dependent, so you may start on one computer and finish on another.

Taking a New Course

  1. Access the program at
  2. The First time you enter this site, click Take New Course, and complete the registration form. If you have already completed this step, and are re-entering a course you have already started, click Re-Enter Course in Progress. This is a secure site and uses the most advanced encryption technology available.
  3. On the Registration form you will be asked to enter biographical information necessary to report your completion of the course. You will also be asked to create a User Name and Password. These will be used to allow you to quit the program at any time and later re-enter from where you left off.
  4. Confirm your registration information on the next screen. If anything needs to be corrected, please click the Back button at the bottom of the page and make the corrections. If everything is ok, please click the Continue button and start taking the course.
  5. You will be asked to input a credit card for payment, or if you have received a pre-paid access code please click the “Pre-Paid Access Code” button and input the code. Please input the access code and click “Continue”. This is a secure site and uses the most advanced encryption technology available.
  6. You will enter the tutorial and proceed by “pointing and clicking”. Upon completion of the program, you will be asked to click an electronic signature button. Clicking this button will indicate your successful completion of the program. On this page, you must click Accept, and then click Finish Course on the next page.
  7. After you have clicked Finish Course, you will receive an automated email certifying your completion of the program. We will also report this directly to your Compliance Department.

Re-Entry Into Program After Quitting or if Disconnected from the Internet

  1. Access the program at
  2. At the bottom of the instructions page, click Re-Enter Course In Progress. The login page appears.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.

Lost Login Procedure

If you lose your User ID and Password, click on Lost Log-In procedure.


Review this page, or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page, accessible through the links at the top or bottom of the website pages.

Sometimes it might appear that the program is operating slowly. Try clicking either Refresh or Reload on your browser's toolbar. If that does not resolve the problem it might be due to heavy Internet traffic in which case you might be better off to quit and re-enter at another time.

For Assistance, please call Exchange Analytics at: 800-823-8442 or email:

Office Hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST Monday - Friday.

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